La Albufera de Anna named “Magical Nature” for its great beauty of its landscape populated by springs and vegetation, is currently one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Valencia.

Water and vegetation surround each corner of this natural setting. The town is known as “Ojos de agua” for its abundant water sources. A conventional road with a wide pedestrian sidewalk separates the village of the Albufera de Anna natural lake with only 1 km.

Anna, is a town located 60 kilometers from Valencia in the direction of Albacete. During the nineties, the first mayor of the democratic era, baptized L´Albufera de Anna as Nature’s Charm !. For the great beauty of its landscape populated by springs and vegetation.

Municipality with Hispano-Arab streets through which ditches run with the waters coming from the spring of the Albufera lake in its flow towards the Anna river, this tributary of the Júcar river.

In the central part of the old town, the Palace of the Counts of Cervellón is located, sitting on an ancient Arab castle of undeniable beauty. As central place of the municipality for its spectacular and great beauty is the Anna Lake known as “La Albufera” distant from the town 1km.